Music: Recordings

Performer & Works

"Mutual Admiration: Philip Orr plays Philip Orr" 2013

Ray Gray: "World of the Great Kingly Beast" 2003

Arn Evans: "Lighter Than Air" 1980

"Engaging Mystery: Bethlehem Revisited" 2013

Ray Gray: "One Stop Past Nowhere" 2005

PCUSA: "Oh, What A Wonderful Gift!" 2000

"Phil Orr & More: Live at the Off-Broadstreet Theatre" 2016

Jerry Rife, Phil Orr: "Cool Yule to You" 2006

PCUSA: "Set the Sun Dancing" 2001

Performer Only

Jerry Rife's Rhythm Kings: "Hymns and Spirituals" 2011

Steve Hiltner & Phil Orr, "Until I Find the Words" 2018

Trineice Robinson, "All or Nothing" 2021

Works Only

Vic Damone: "Feelings" 1977

Museum Street Saxophone Quartet: "MSSQ" 1999

FPC Birmingham: "Set the Sun Dancing" 2005


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